Baby Registry & Gifts Lists




For a birth or a birthday, we often receive too many gifts, not all well-chosen, and some are duplicates. To prevent that, we advise you to create a baby registry or gift list.


Easy to create


A 5% voucher offered


Quietly prepare the arrival of Baby or the party from home and add to your wish list all items you like among our special selection of furniture, decoration, toys, clothes and gift cards. You can do everything on our website!



When closing your wish list, we will offer you a gift card worth 5% of the amount of all purchased items, provided you have 5 different donors or more.



Easy to share


Easy delivery


Make your family and your friends aware of your selection by sharing your wish list to them by email.



You can tell your loved ones to make your order be delivered to your place if you wish. You just have to tell them to do so when sharing the wish list.



  1. 1.1. If I am already a My Little Room customer, I log in. Otherwise, I create an account.


    1. 1.2. I add gift cards to my wish list thanks to the "Add to Wishlist" links under the "Add to cart" button. We suggest that you favour gift cards because you will have the choice to buy all the items you want at any moment when you need it and without missing out on novelties.


    1. 1.3. I add to my wish list the items that I am sure to want (provided they are available at the time your friends place the order) thanks to the "Add to Wishlist" links under the "Add to cart" button.


  1. If you want to be sure to welcome baby in the best conditions and not to forget anything, download our list of essentials.



    1. 2.1. I go to my wish list page.


    1. 2.2. At the bottom of my wish list, I click on the "Share wishlist" button.


    1. 2.3. I type the emails of all the people to whom I want to send my wish list. I separate them with commas.


  1. 2.4. I write a message. You can copy/paste/modify the example below:

    Dear all,

    We are so excited to meet our baby and, while waiting, we are step by step preparing his arrival. Because you often ask us what makes us happy or what would we need… with this list, you are sure to hit the mark! We have gathered all our essentials and crushes (♥) for the months to come.

    Please, tell us when you have bought an item of the list so we can update it.

    If you wish to, you can make the items directly sent to our place:

    Marie and Laurent Müller
    Route de Lausanne, 1245
    1200 Genève

    We thank you all for your kindness,

    Marie and Laurent


As my friends purchase items and as I have new wishes, I add and/or delete the items.


I send an email to My Little Room to close the list and I enclose the list of at least 5 people who had bought the items of my list in order to get the voucher of the worth 5% of the amount of all purchased items.


You wish to create a baby gift registry or a gift list, but you still have questions?