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Planète Enfants et Développement


 We support its project

Mieux Grandir au Népal (Growing up better in Nepal)

Why do we support the association Planète Enfants & Développement? 

Kids   Common Values   Reliable Association

Kids are at the heart of our concerns


Common values


A reliable association

It was obvious for us to choose an association for which children are the main concern. Planète Enfants & Développement caught our attention even more when they have explained that it is also committed to the preservation and the development of the parent/child bond.   Our meeting with Planète Enfants & Développement has confirmed the sharing of values such as the promotion of universal rights and the fight against discrimination. Also, the association is non-denominational, apolitical and independent.   Key factor for us, Planète Enfants & Développement works with professionalism and transparency: annual audit, accounts certified by KPMG, annual reports by project, projects evaluated by international consultants, traceability of donations… Find out more
Why do we support the project Growing up better in Nepal? 

Help   Expertise   Local Partnership

A context that requires our help


A comprehensive expertise


Local partnerships

Earthquake, food insecurity, political change, COVID ... The situation in Nepal is particularly fragile. Women migrate from their original rural area to the capital. Isolated and destitute, many end up in the "leisure" sector where most of them - 50 to 75% - are exposed to sexual exploitation. Their children are victims of a violent environment and deprived of peaceful and stimulating development. In a strong patriarchal system, the protection of women and their children from violence remains a real issue for Nepalese society. According to several recent reports, between 70 and 90% of Nepalese women say they are victims of domestic, sexual or exploitative violence.   On-site, the association calls on experts in essential childhood issues:

- early childhood protection & development: schooling of children of sexually exploited women, reception and tutoring of young Chepang girls

- maternal & child health

- prevention of violence against women & children

- socio-professional integration of sexually exploited women

- family support
  Guaranteeing its integration and the success of its projects, Planète Enfants & Développement knows how to surround itself with local partners:

Prayatnashil Community Development Society: this NGO has been working for 15 years to help women and girls to empower themselves and take charge of their own future in areas such as hygiene and health, safe motherhood, development of skills generating income…

Child Nepal (CN): this NGO was created in 2003 to support the rights of the child. The association and this NGO cooperated for the creation of kindergarten

Katmandou authorities: collaboration in early childhood education
What will your donation be used for? 
All the donations will be dedicated to the Nepal missions. The nature of the help will depend on priorities at the moment of donation reception.
If you help us to reach 1000 CHF, you help us ensure the food survival of a woman and her children for one year.



Mummy+children   30 days
  322 CHF
out of 1000 CHF



Note: The entire donation will be donated to the association but cannot give rise to a tax receipt
Every donation counts! 
Planète Enfants & Développement is counting on you and My Little Room!

Our involvement
We double your donation

For each of your donations, My Little Room undertakes to donate the same amount: you give 15 CHF, we donate 30 CHF to the association.

Thanks to you and My Little Room, children and mothers in Nepal will regain their dignity, so don't wait any longer, make a donation now!